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Hunting tours to Belarus - the real virgin zone in Europe! All the hunters are welcome. Big game hunting. Capercailye, woodcock and waterfowl hunting.

Hunting seasons in Belarus 2020

  Beaver   September 01-March 31   
  Black grouse   March 20-May 10
  August 08-December 13
  Capercailye (Wood grouse))   March 20-May 10   
  Duck   March 14-May 10
  August 08-December 13
  Goose   March 14-May 10
  Spetmeber 19-December 13
  European bison   October 01-March 31   
  Moose   August 20-December 31   
  Partridge   September 05-December 13   
  Red deer   August 20-January 31   
  Roe deer   May 15-December 31   Hunting season open!
  Snipe   July 11-December 13   
  Wolf   all the year round   Hunting season open!
  Woodcock   March 21 07-May 10
  August 08-December 13
Discounts for wolf hunting!
Wolf Discounts for wolf hunting!

Discounts for wolf hunting!

BelhuntService. Hunting in Belarus.

15/05/2020. Roe deer hunting open! Find out our great offers!

10/05/2020. Woodcock hunting is closed.

10/05/2020. Waterfowl spring hunting is over. We are awaiting for the summer birds opening. Snipes with pointing dogs from July 11, black grouses, woodcocks and ducks from August 08!

10/05/2019. Capercailye and black grouse hunting is closed.

21/03/2020. Woodcock hunting open!

20/03/2020. Capercailye and black grouse hunting open!

14/03/2020 Ducks and geese hunting open!

01/02/2020. Wolf hunting open.

01/02/2020. European bison hunting open at new attractive prices.

31/01/2020. Red deer hunting is closed.

31/12/2019. According to National hunting calendar moose and roe buck hunting is closed. Until 31 January you can shoot red deer.

08/12/2019. According to National hunting calendar small game hunting is closed. We are awaiting for the spring geese and ducks opening from March 14, capercailye and black grouse from March 20.

21/09/2019. Geese hunting open.

07/09/209. Partridges hunting open.

20/08/2019. Moose and red deer hunting open in Belarus.

10/08/2019. Black grouse, ducks and woodcock hunting is open.

13/07/2019. Snipes hunting open.

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